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Natural gas production in North America has increased so dramatically that no fewer than 17 companies have now applied to export the fuel overseas. Two gas export terminals are proposed in the Northwest — one near Coos Bay, Ore. and the other at the Port of Astoria.

This week, federal energy regulators are getting an earful of public testimony.

As public meetings go, Monday’s visit by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to the Oregon Coast was more tense and raucous than usual.

Hisses and guffaws interrupted a presentation from energy developer Oregon LNG. Later, different factions in the audience unleashed boisterous applause when they heard something they agreed with, ignoring the moderator’s request for respectful quiet.

A parade of speakers alternately condemned or welcomed a multi-billion dollar proposal to build a natural gas import/export terminal at the mouth of the Columbia River. Some called it “immoral.” Others, a godsend of family wage jobs. The energy developer: appreciatively patted on the back or labeled a bamboozler.

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