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  • Robert McClure: I first wrote about the Salmon Safe program some years ago and I see their products in the stores increasingly.
  • Alex Ko: Salmon Safe works to keep our agricultural and urban watersheds healthy enough for salmon to spawn and thrive.
  • Cassandra Profita: I hear there's Salmon Safe gin and vodka now for sale in BC.
  • Ashley Ahearn: Well we know where the water chat afterparty's happening!
  • David Steves: Salmon Safe Vodka? Had to google that one:
  • Alex Ko: It was a great story of a small micro-distillery sourcing from a single farm that was Salmon-Safe certified
  • David Steves: Actually, before we open that bottle, Alex, can you explain the 101 of what is "Salmon-Safe?"
  • Alex Ko: Salmon-Safe is a bio-regional eco-label that works with urban and agricultural landowners on their water management practices