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Via EarthTechling

Starbucks is taking green in a new direction:

The company recently opened a new concept store in Denver, Colo. where you won’t find any cushy leather chairs, nor any CDs for sale at the check out counter. This new Starbucks “modern modular,” LEED-certified is a drive-thru-and-walk-up-only shop that represents a new direction for the chain.

What you really look for when picking out your favorite coffee is a roaster who has a super-efficient regenerative thermal oxider. Right?

OK, maybe not, but it’s technology like an RTO that can slash energy use in what is a very energy-intensive process. And artisanal coffee superstar Stumptown Coffee Roasters now has an RTO at its spanking new consolidated headquarters in Portland.

Unlike the back-to-the-landers of the 1970s, my generation wants the organic, natural pleasures of rural life without sacrificing the culture and convenience of urban life. In other words, we may hawk our garden produce at a farmer’s market but we are not about to give up good coffee or The New York Times…. Unlike the ’70s crowd, we have no intention of ‘dropping out.
Kristy Athens, author of Get Your Pitchfork On! The Real Dirt On Country Living, speaking to OPB.