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Fast forward to Year 2050, and assuming Prince George takes after his environmentalist grandfather, he’ll be grappling with the reality of an increasingly uninhabitable planet for over half of the global population. Based on the most conservative predictions for business as usual - even if we meet all our emissions reduction pledges - we are heading for about 3 degree Celsius rise in global average temperatures by that time. Let’s not even bother thinking about the impact of amplifying feedbacks that most climate models ignore.
In a different look on the new royal baby, Nafeez Ahmed imagines the world environment for a 30 year old Prince George in 2050. Will be need to be an eco-warrior?

An interesting examination of conservation as a practice.

A new look at preserving biodiversity

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it will experiment with shooting barred owls in Northwest forests to keep these aggressive birds from crowding out their more genteel cousins, the federally protected northern spotted owls.

The proposal will take effect in 2014 if it wins approval within the next 30 days. Read more…

How To Kill Barred Owls

The Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t spell out in Tuesday’s announcement how it would “lethally” remove barred owls. But it does in its environmental impact statement:

The plan calls for luring the owls with recorded calls and shooting them, or lure them with recorded calls and catch them in nets or other traps. The report calls this “as humane and efficient as possible.”

The nonlethal removal method is described as using a recorded call and catching the barred owls in nets or other traps so they could be eventually transported to “permanent facilities or release locations.”

An upside to unused oil rigs in ocean waters? Fish use them as habitat. Via Inhabitat:

Fishermen and conservationists have been lobbying the government to soften up on existing policies. In recent years, when a rig was no longer in use, the government required that all of the equipment be removed. According to FuelFix, less than 10 percent of about 800 non-producing oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have ended up in the program since 2010, while more than 200 have been removed each year. Now, a new policy will give states more flexibility to review and designate dead rigs as artificial reefs, allowing them to stay in place.

Read more: Fish Win Big When Dead Oil Rigs are Left to Rot | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Everyone from the conservation community to the livestock producers to the state wildlife managers are really on the same page right now. And there is really not other state in the country that is in that position on wolves.

There’s quite a discussion going on in response to our piece about a controversy over mountain bikes on Mount Hood. What’s your take?

They’re going to put a big scar right through the middle of my ranch. It bothers the hell out of me, and I don’t want it there.
The coal export issue goes well beyond just the resource part that we have and I think that public engagement is very important in that process to understand what all the issues are so they can be out on the table and transparently discussed.
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell responding to a question from a Columbia Riverkeeper activist about the proposals to export coal from the Powder River Basin through Northwest terminals. The Seattleite and former REI boss is back in the Northwest for the first time since taking up the new post.