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A battery made of wood?


All Charged Up: Engineers Create A Battery Made Of Wood

This doesn’t look like your trusty potato battery: a prototype device made by scientists at the University of Maryland uses wood fibers coated with carbon nanotubes to create an electric current. 

Read the rest and listen to the story on Morning Edition. 

(Photo: Heather Rousseau/NPR)

Eighty to 90 percent of fecal matter is water. If you remove the water, what’s left could be contained in a small matchbox. What we say is, ‘Don’t flush your [waste]. Don’t put water in.’
Sheel Raj Shetty and Indian architect who is trying to solve the problem of sewage pollution through development of no-flush toilets.

Vegan shoes made of light but durable Tyvek. The soles are 20 percent recycled rubber. For the company Unstitched Utilities “they were not driven by ideals of sustainability, veganism or even durability. Instead, they wanted to find a creative independence that had been missing in their corporate offices.”

In this pilot project researchers submerge a ‘sea spider’ to monitor the environmental impact of energy-generating turbines on the floor of Puget Sound’s Admiralty Inlet. (video by Ashley Ahearn)

Now the project is being challenged by a Japanese fiberoptics company concerned about the proximity of the turbines to their cables.

This simple leather bike tool earned 559% of its goal on Kickstarter. Guess people want an easier way to lift their bikes!


This nifty Frame Handle, garnered 559% of its goal on Kickstarter. Via The Atlantic Cities.

EarthFix was a part of the inaugural Conservation Remix in Seattle earlier this year. It was a cool TED-style event with excellent speakers. This is Sherry Ritter talking biomimicry.