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As the rain/snow falls in the Pacific Northwest it’d a good time to learn about problems with stormwater runoff. Diver/activist Laura James takes us underwater to see up close.

See what stormwater runoff looks like underwater in Puget Sound. Read and see more video about diver Laura James at EarthFix.

Ashley Ahearn’s radio feature on stormwater pollution in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know stormwater is the leading pollutant for Northwest waterways? Check out this great video featuring diver/environmentalist Laura James as she goes underwater to see how stormwater runoff is affecting Puget Sound. Read and see much more in the EarthFix story How We Got Into Such A Mess With Stormwater Pollution.

Stormwater is a toxic cocktail of road grime, grease, tire wear and any litter small enough to slip into storm drains.

Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. When it first took effect, stormwater pollution was not the top priority. What’s known as “point source pollution” — dumping of toxic pollutants from a particular, often industrial site — was the first focus. But in the decades since, stormwater pollution, also known as “non-point source pollution,” has taken the lead when it comes to carrying the most contaminants to U.S. waterways. About 40 percent of U.S. rivers, lakes, and estuaries are not clean enough for fishing or swimming because of pollution from runoff.

Old farm in Arlington has new job: cleaning stormwater


Ecotrope had a chance to check out DePave's project at James John Elementary School in Portland, where they removed blacktop from the playground to replace it with a rain garden or bioswale to reduce stormwater runoff.