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NOAA scientists are about to embark on a month-long expedition to study ocean acidification impacts on the U.S. West Coast. This video shares why this is such a big concern for the PNW’s huge shellfish industry.

Red swamp crayfish are invading the Northwest!

Red swamp crayfish are invading the Northwest!

Christopher Lim, right, shows Ashlee Johnson a rock covered in San Francisco Bay’s only native oyster, the Olympia. Both work for the Richmond-based environmental nonprofit, The Watershed Project, which is working to restore Olympia habitat along the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline.

Washington could be the first state in the country to introduce legislation to deal with the economic and environmental threats posed by ocean acidification.

cool, colorful shellfish reef found


Flaming-Orange Shellfish Reef Found in Scotland

A huge, colorful shellfish reef discovered off Scotland’s west coast could be the largest of its kind in the world, according to the Scottish government.

Packing at least 100 million bright-orange shells into 4.5 square miles (7.5 square kilometers), the living reef consists of flame shells, a rare saltwater clam found near Scotland. Neon-orange tentacles emerge from between the clam’s paired shells, waving gently in the current.”

This video, on the impact of ocean acidification on the shellfish industry, was co-produced by EarthFix journalist Katie Campbell. See the full feature at PBS NewsHour.

Via Crosscut. Also check out our recent multimedia package on the recent report from the Washington blue-ribbon panel on ocean acidification.

Rescuing shellfish from the rising acidity in Puget Sound will require a wide-ranging response:

Everything from curbing greenhouse gases and controlling water pollution to growing more seaweed and putting restaurant-discarded oyster shells into shallow bays.

Those are among the recommendations in a long-awaited report on ocean acidification that was delivered today to Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire by a blue-ribbon panel.

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