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This is part of Orion Magazine’s first installment in their new series, Reimagining Infrastructure. Read the article this audio slideshow accompanied, Water Works.

Also, check out our series that we did last year for the 40th birthday of the Clean Water Act, Clean Water: The Next Act.

Our video, by Katie Campbell, was nominated for a Northwest Emmy award this week. Watch the piece - about stormwater pollution - right here.

Pretty nice infographic on the benefits of a green roof. From a real estate blog of all places.

Ashley Ahearn visits one of the Northwest’s most contaminated sites on the Duwamish River to see the ongoing problems with permitted industrial pollution. Robert McClure, from InvestigateWest joins in to talk wastewater, agricultural runoff, emerging chemical contaminants and stormwater runoff. Part two of our radio documentary on the Clean Water Act.

Clean Water Act - Today’s Challenges. Part of our radio documentary special Clean Water: The Next Act.

As the rain/snow falls in the Pacific Northwest it’d a good time to learn about problems with stormwater runoff. Diver/activist Laura James takes us underwater to see up close.

Why did the salmon cross the road? Actually, this one tried, but didn’t quite make it…


See what stormwater runoff looks like underwater in Puget Sound. Read and see more video about diver Laura James at EarthFix.

A Clean Water Act birthday party talking about how to make stormwater pollution compelling storytelling. More at EarthFix.