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If you’ve ever been curious about small space living, there’s a new opportunity to try is out, even for just a night. The Caravan tiny house hotel — the first of its kind in the U.S. — has just opened in Portland, Ore. (Portlandia episode is surely forthcoming…)

Fast forward to Year 2050, and assuming Prince George takes after his environmentalist grandfather, he’ll be grappling with the reality of an increasingly uninhabitable planet for over half of the global population. Based on the most conservative predictions for business as usual - even if we meet all our emissions reduction pledges - we are heading for about 3 degree Celsius rise in global average temperatures by that time. Let’s not even bother thinking about the impact of amplifying feedbacks that most climate models ignore.
In a different look on the new royal baby, Nafeez Ahmed imagines the world environment for a 30 year old Prince George in 2050. Will be need to be an eco-warrior?

An interesting examination of conservation as a practice.

Vaclav Smil writes about ‘rational meat eating’ and ‘rational meat production’ as a way to move forward more sustainably as omnivores.

MORE than 40 years after teaming up to create the iconic “crying Indian” advertising campaign, Keep America Beautiful and the Advertising Council have joined forces to promote the benefits of recycling.

A little disappointing for us ‘lazy cooks’ but not too surprising.

It’s a little more complex than one would think.

A reader asks Grist’s Umbra about how bad IKEA shopping is in terms of sustainability.

Plus, stunning stats and facts on The Daily Mail about IKEA’s use of wood: “The Swedish conglomerate needs about 1% of the world’s wood supply to make the furniture sold in its roughly 300 global stores, according to Pacific Standard.”